Design/build is a construction process that evolved from the need for high quality construction standards at affordable construction costs and the desire for unique creative designs coupled with close personal service. Design/build is based on the team concept, which means that the principal players (Architect, Builder, Designer, and Lender) are selected and assembled at the start of the project and will work together taking the project from design, through construction, and up to completion. In this process, the Builder is certainly the most important member of the team and consequently his/her proper selection is critical to a successful project.

Design/build works because the three most important people involved in the design and construction of your home are involved in the project from the beginning. To a Client this means a great deal more than just producing the home of their dreams. Design/build grew out of the need to find a way to build that maintains quality standards while ensuring rigorous budget control. In the Design/build environment the Architect and Designer serve to help the Client design a home that satisfies their dreams. The Builder certainly provides a significant source of product information and construction insight, but is most effective in his/her role of quality and cost control. Far too many homes are designed today and never built because actual construction costs far outweighed the construction budget.

Competitive bidding no longer serves to ensure consistent quality at a fair price. Most jobs awarded in competitive bids are done so solely on the basis of the lowest price. While that sounds good to a potential Client, it has come to mean that these competitive bids are submitted with the absolute bare minimum standards to meet the limited specifications that might be printed on the building plans. Also, no attempt will be made in a competitive bid to point out or deal with expenses on those things which are not called out on the building plans but which all experienced bidders know will be needed to complete the project. These types of costs will show up later in the project as extras that are not noted on the plans. There is truth to the old expression "You get what you pay for."

Selecting a Custom Builder is really not a difficult process, it merely requires a little time on the part of a Client. There are five basic things to look for in selecting a Builder:

Personally interview 2 or 3 Builders whose expertise is in the price range in which you are building. There is no advantage to hiring someone whose specialty lies elsewhere. You wouldn't hire a Ford mechanic to work on your Mercedes. During the interview ask such questions as what is the time to complete this house? If it happens too quickly, be suspicious! Who is your point of contact, the Builder or a construction superintendent? A true Custom Builder will work with the Client one-on-one. How many custom homes do you build each year? Custom home building is not a production environment. If the number is large, be concerned.

Examine the Builder's reputation. Speak with sub-contractors and vendors whose products are evident in some of the Builder's current work, and talk to residents who live adjacent to sites where the Builder has done some work. Membership in a Builder's association program speaks volumes about the quality of a Builder. Look for a "Home Builders Association member" membership has a stringent criteria for previous Client satisfaction and that all insurance obligations are meet.

Visit a current job site to get a sense of the Builder's method of construction. Look at the quality of the material, examine the cleanliness of the work site, determine if building material is organized and protected from the elements, and observe if the people working on the site are organized and busy. These characteristics are a direct reflection of how the Builder operates and say much about the Company you are considering to build your home.
Personal compatibility with your Custom Builder is a must. You will spend a significant amount of time during the course of the project with this individual, so pick someone you like and can communicate with easily.

Finally, and this is the most important of the five, get some references from the Builders and talk to these people. These references will give you the most accurate picture of the nature of a Builder. It goes without saying that all Builders will put their best foot forward with their references, but surprisingly, (or maybe not!) some Builders may have no "good" references.

Yes, you certainly can. Almost without exception all of our past clients have been involved in the construction disbursing (paying the bills) side of their home building project. Although Phillips Custom Builders L.L.C. always wants you to be involved in this process so welcome your participation. The choice is yours.

A true custom home can have a very large selection list. You can select everything from door hinges and window hardware to brick type and millwork profiles. You can set your own level of participation, but we encourage our Clients to be highly involved in all decisions. This ensures their complete satisfaction at the completion of the project. We will provide you with all the decision making resources and track all the details in this process. Of course the decision on your level of involvement is ultimately yours, but if you desire to save yourself some time you can rely with complete confidence on our high quality product standards formulated over many years of experience.

The answer to this question depends on the size and level of detail in your new home as well as local weather. We definitely do not "rush the process". Quality control can only be achieved with proper pacing. Typically we find that a 3000 square foot home takes about six months to construct. For every additional 1000 square feet, add one month.

Yes. We often build for people who already have their own building site or building plans. In working with you or your architect we may offer suggestions relating to the building site or plan as part of our overall job proposal. As a true custom builder we want to see your new home project succeed and are more than happy to work with the team you have assembled.

Phillips Custom Builders L.C. provides a full one year warranty.

Phillips Custom Builders L.C. was established in 1974 by Tom Phillips, Jeromy’s Father who had the opportunity to produce quality homes while at the same time meeting the ever changing needs of today’s distinctive home buyers.

With over 35 years of building experience, the Phillips Family has the knowledge and expertise to assist and prepare you for each step of the new home experience, making this exciting time easier.

Honesty and the ability to listen and truly understand our client’s needs is the foundation the Phillips family has built and will continue to build with every new client. It is the power of Honesty and the skill of Listening that has allowed Phillips Custom Builders L.C. to excel in the custom homes industry.

Phillips Custom Builders L.C. is very focused on “Communication.” We realize the importance of listening to our customers needs and are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service and expertise in the building industry.

Building a new home should be exciting and fun and that’s just what Phillips Custom Builders L.C. strives to make the new construction process as you see your dream home being built. We offer a turnkey service that begins with the initial planning and designing through every phase of the construction process. Phillips Custom Builders L.C. will work with you to ensure you are a satisfied customer. After all, it’s your home; we are only a vessel to you getting the home you have always envisioned.

The majority of our business has been generated by word of mouth because of the pride and first quality workmanship we place in building your dream home. You will rest peacefully at night knowing you have chosen an honest and experienced builder who can make your dream a reality.